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Every Floridian is familiar with hurricane season. During the months between June to November, every resident is painfully aware of the upcoming weather forecast in case it’s time to hunker down again. Hurricanes aren’t the only natural disaster in Florida, however. Thunderstorms often come with wind and our state is the third most tornado-prone in the U.S. Unfortunately, some property owners don’t realize they require both homeowners and flood insurance to ensure they are fully prepared for the damage such events may potentially cause.

The Property Advocates, P.A. is a first-party insurance law firm that can help you with all aspects of your claim, no matter how simple or complex. Our Miami hurricane and windstorm claims attorneys have decades of combined experience working in the insurance and legal industries and we all live in Florida, so we understand the toll hurricane and wind damage can take. If you are looking to file a property insurance claim, contact us before you start so we can help you review your policy and understand your rights.

Consultations are free and come with no obligation, so call (786) 686-5045 now or contact us online to get started. Our Miami hurricane & windstorm lawyers serve clients in Tampa, Coral Gables, Orlando, and beyond.

What is Covered Under Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

If you’re a home, business, or other property owner in Florida, there’s a good chance your insurance policy automatically covers hurricane and wind damage, at least to an extent. Unfortunately, you may have to purchase multiple types of insurance to cover all the damages that could reasonably be caused by hurricanes and/or strong winds.

For example, homeowners insurance generally covers certain types of losses such as damage caused by wind and rain whereas flood insurance covers damage specifically caused by standing water. Getting sewer-back up and/or windstorm coverage is also beneficial if you live in a coastal area where hurricanes are especially prevalent.

Losses such as the following may be covered under your homeowners and/or flood insurance:

  • Forced evacuation
  • Living expenses
    • Pet kenneling
    • Replacing the lost fair rental value
    • Hotels
    • Meals
    • Transportation
    • Temporary residence
    • Other increases to your normal living expenses as described in your policy
  • Temporary precautionary repairs
  • Debris removal
  • Tree removal
  • Food spoilage
  • And more

The Insurance Company Hasn't Responded to My Claim. Should I Be Worried?

The insurance company has many deadlines to keep track of when it comes to hurricane claims. If you do not hear from them right away, it may mean that they are busy with claims because many people may be affected by one hurricane. In addition, claims with severe losses are prioritized versus ones with few losses, such as damaged shingles due to a windstorm.

Below are common deadlines insurance companies follow in hurricane claims:

  • They must acknowledge and respond to you within 14 days for any communications
  • An investigation must be started on your claim within 10 days of receiving your proof of loss
  • They have 90 days to approve or deny your claim

If you do not hear from the insurance company after these deadlines, contact them or reach out to an experienced Miami hurricane or windstorm claim attorney near you.

Call Experienced Hurricane & Windstorm Claim Lawyers in Miami

However, no two policies are alike, so even though there are standards in the insurance industry, your policy may vary. Insurance policies are contracts, so they are often written with confusing language or jargon. Occasionally, insurance companies even make their contracts purposefully difficult to understand in the hopes of tricking their customs into thinking they can’t get coverage for something.

In the event your insurance company attempts to wrongfully deny or delay your claim, our Miami windstorm claim lawyers can review your policy and hold the insurance company accountable if they have engaged in bad faith.

Contact us to learn how our Miami hurricane or windstorm claim attorneys can help you. Your consultation is free.

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Insurance claims can be complicated, and often this is by design. This is why The Property Advocates, P.A. does what we do. We understand insurance matters can be frustrating and difficult, so we help Florida policyholders with every step of the claims process.

This way we can ensure everything is done properly and on time and that the insurance company can’t get away with bad faith practices such as wrongfully denying your claim or harassment. We can step in at any stage of the claims process, even after your claim has been denied, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time to discuss your legal options.

We may even be able to get the insurance company to pay for your legal fees!

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