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When a natural disaster hits or another mishap occurs that damages your property, you need to be able to rely on your property insurance to cover the cost of the damages. But what if you’re having trouble making a claim? Or what if your insurance company refuses to hold up their end of your policy agreement? Unfortunately, filing an insurance claim isn’t always as easy as it’s made out to be and some insurance companies even practice “bad faith” to get out of paying policyholders what they’re rightfully owed.

If you’re having trouble with your insurance claim or simply would like assistance filing one, The Property Advocates, P.A. can help. Our legal team handles first-party property insurance claims in the Miami area involving losses due to flooding, fires, theft, collapse, and more. We can handle the claims process from start to finish to ensure that everything is done correctly—and that the insurance company offers you the compensation and assistance you deserve. In the event your insurer is being non-cooperative, we will negotiate with them on your behalf and are even willing to take them to court. We won’t give up until you attain the results you want.

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First-Party Property Insurance Claims in Florida

In Florida, homeowners aren’t required to insure their homes. However, even though it isn’t required by law, most people choose to buy insurance anyway in order to protect what is likely their largest asset.

Though there are numerous types of property insurance policies, all are considered either first-party or third-party. A first-party insurance claim is one made directly between the policyholder and the insurer (as opposed to a third-party insurance claim which is made by someone who is not the policyholder or the insurance company.)

In a homeowners insurance claim, the policyholder (the first party) can make a claim with their insurance company (the second party) concerning damage to their property, such as fire or wind damage.

In the event your insurance company does not pay out everything they are required to by law, you (the first party) can file a lawsuit. This is the best way to fight back against first-party insurance claims that are ignored or mishandled by your insurance company.

Note: Residents of Florida are strongly encouraged to buy flood insurance, which doesn’t typically come with homeowners insurance policies. Make sure to review your policy to ensure your insurance covers everything you want it to.

If you believe your insurance company is not complying with the terms of your insurance policy, contact a first-party insurance lawyer at The Property Advocates, P.A. to learn about your legal options.

When to File a Property Insurance Lawsuit

If your insurance company is purposely trying to get you to drop your insurance claim or accept a low settlement offer, you can fight back with the help of a legal advocate. Practices such as this are known as “insurance bad faith.”

Examples of an insurance company acting in bad faith include:

  • Attempting to settle a claim for an amount that is less than reasonable
  • Delaying or denying compensation without reason
  • Failing to acknowledge and reply to a claim promptly
  • Failing to inform the insured of an appeals process
  • Failing to perform a proper and thorough investigation into the claim
  • Failing to provide a reasonable explanation for a denied or underpaid claim
  • Requiring unnecessary documentation to process a claim
  • Using harassment to intimidate the claimant

If something like the above has happened to you, you may be able to make a claim. Wondering how to figure out whether you have a valid lawsuit on your hands at all? Give us a call! We’ll help you determine whether you have a case during a free consultation at no obligation.

How an Attorney Can Help with First Party Property Claims

At The Property Advocates, P.A., our dedicated legal team will help you review your insurance policy and determine whether you can take legal action. We will negotiate in an attempt to get you what your insurer was supposed to provide in the first place. If we meet resistance, we have no qualms filing a lawsuit and taking the negligent insurance company to court.

When filing a lawsuit, you can attain compensation from the insurance company for what they owe you as well as additional losses they caused. The three primary categories of recoverable damages include:

  • Contract damages: Compensation equal to the benefits you were originally owed under your policy.
  • Extra-contractual damages: Additional compensation based on the insurance company’s bad faith actions. This may include emotional distress, legal fees, and extra economic losses suffered by the insured while waiting for the claim to be resolved.
  • Punitive damages: Though not always awarded, this type of compensation punishes the insurance company for their actions and aims to prevent them in the future.
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We are a full service property law firm, with an experienced team and the resources to handle your case. With The Property Advocates, P.A., you will be treated with compassion, and we will fight to get you what you deserve. We have decades of experience inside and outside the courtroom, and we are not afraid to go to trial to fight for you.

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