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Did you know that Florida is one of the states with the most tornado activity in the U.S.? According to Policy Genius, Florida is the third most tornado-prone state in the entire country. If you’ve lived here long enough, you are probably more than familiar with the tornados that plague our state throughout the year, especially in the spring—which also means you likely have tornado insurance to protect your home or business. But what happens if disaster strikes and your insurance provider refuses to accept your tornado claim?

At The Property Advocates, P.A., we can help. Our team of Miami lawyers is adept at helping home and business owners fight denied tornado claims. Give us a call anytime and we’ll review your policy and tornado claim with you to determine whether you are able to appeal the denial. If you choose to work with us, we will do whatever we can to build you an even stronger claim and negotiate with the insurer to secure the settlement you need to repair or replace your property after a tornado.

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Why Was My Claim Denied?

There are several reasons your claim may have been denied, both legitimate and otherwise. Unfortunately, your policy simply may not cover your tornado damage. We suggest reviewing your policy to ensure your claim wasn’t lawfully denied.

Every policy is different, but tornado insurance typically covers:

  • Tornado damage caused by wind.
  • Tornado damage caused by fallen trees and branches.
  • Tornado damage caused by rain.
  • The cost of replacing personal belongings damaged or destroyed by the tornado.
  • Living expenses if the tornado makes your home unlivable for a time (e.g., hotel bills, restaurant meals, laundry service, etc.).

However, a denial could signal that your insurance company could be acting in bad faith. Though they promise aid in times of need, some insurance providers only care about their bottom line. When they know that their policyholders don’t have an attorney, insurance companies may use tactics to protect their best interests instead.

For instance, if they know you have a valid claim, they may offer you a low settlement offer right away in the hopes that you’ll just take the money without question. If they know it will take you serious effort to prove your claim, they might deny it entirely and hope that you feel dejected enough to walk away. Because many people don’t know any better, these tactics often work. After all, why wouldn’t you trust your insurance company that you’ve been paying premiums to? It is their job to help you in times of need. Unfortunately, this blind trust is what many insurance companies bank on.

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We understand that you may be reluctant to take legal action, especially if you’re already frustrated with dealing with insurance companies and having your claim rejected. Yet, working with an attorney can actually take most of the stress off your shoulders because we will take the reins of your case.

Still undecided? Reach out to us any time to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation. One of our experienced lawyers will listen to your situation and ask a series of questions to evaluate your claim in order to determine if it’s even worth pursuing. If you have a case, our legal team will use our knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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